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sgI got started in web design by chance. Working for New Riders publishing, I had the opportunity to work on many instrumental web design titles, from Hillman Curtis’ Flash Web Design to Jakob Nielsen’s Designing Web Usability. After Flash Web Design was published, Hillman Curtis invited me to spend a week in his New York studio, where I designed business cards for Hillman’s company, and learned about their process. It was spending time with Hillman Curtis that inspired my love for web design.

I taught myself Flash and HTML, from my massive library of New Riders books that I’d worked on, and I moved to Los Angeles in 2001. I put an ad on Craigslist, offering to design sites for free, to build a portfolio. After a day, I took the ad down, due to overwhelming response. It was a great method of networking, though, and in no time, people were paying me to build sites for them.

Since 2005, I have designed exclusively for the web, designing user interfaces for companies like Pacificare, Yesmail, Cloudmanic Labs, and Nonfat Media, where I have spent the last three years as the sole designer for two large-scale web applications, Actors Access and Breakdown Express, sites that receive over one million hits per day.

I’ve also served as a Visual Designer at various advertising agencies, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Guess? clothing, Terra Matrix Media, McLenahanBruer Communications, Encore Software, and Frederick’s of Hollywood, all in a freelance capacity. I spent two years at Connexus Corporation, an online marketing company, designing micro-sites, landing pages, email campaigns, and ad banners for brands like Vonage, DirecTV, Blockbuster, PBS, and many more.

I have formal training in Human-Computer Interaction, having completed the studio track of the Human-Computer Interaction course offered through Coursera/Stanford University.

I am looking for a position that values UX, and offers continued growth and learning opportunities. I watch Lynda.com training videos as if they were in my Netflix queue!

If you’d like to discuss my skills and qualifications, you can contact me at steve@stevegifford.com.


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